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Supply Chain Cost Modeling
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Completely Customizable


2.5D & 3D Model Parameter List


Supplier Settings

2.5D process flow (chip-on-chip/wafer/substrate)

Labor Rate

Number of die

Lot Size

Interposer size

Overhead rate

Number of RDL

Margin/Risk factor

TSV Aspect Ratio

Factory utilization

Number of TSV per Die




Preparation of Die


Incoming Wafer Cost

TSV formation process type

Location/Labor Rate

TSV formation yield

Die Size

RDL creation process type


Underfill process


...and more





This is the first cost model to cover the total cost and yield from fabrication of the wafer to complete assembly, for both 2.5D and 3D applications.

Use the model to:


Complex Calculations, Simple Interface


All of our Packaging Cost Models were developed for ease of use and efficiency. Many detailed parameters are available for editing, but only a few inputs are required to run the analysis. For parameters you choose not to edit yourself, complex SavanSys algorithms automatically assign default values based on your other entries and extensive, up-to-date industry knowledge.