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Supply Chain Cost Modeling
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SavanSys Highlights


Our SavanSys product gives you full access to the underlying core technology.  As opposed to SavanSys FE, which is designed to address a single issue, all attributes of your design, components, and factories are customizable.  With it, you can perform detailed Size/Routing or Cost analyses allowing you to understand the cost impact of any design changes.  Use the Partition Manager to:


· Define Substrate and Assembly process flows


· Define standard or custom component characteristics


· Specify design rules


· Characterize all aspects of the factory including labor rates, depreciation, tooling, process yields, process labor time and material cost, etc.


Use the Placement Editor for layout planning and the Spreadsheet Manager for quickly importing or editing component characteristics.  Refer to the SavanSys Core Technology page for a more in-depth discussion of SavanSys’s capabilities.


Common Applications


The SavanSys Partition Manager provides control over every aspect of your design.